“Company Profile”

Please allow us to introduce ourselves.  We are Al Kharafi Swimming Pools part of Al Kharafi Group International.  Al KHARAFI is a multinational, multi-faceted group with a wide variety of interests and activities worldwide covering areas of Construction, Manufacturing and Commerce.  It was in Kuwait, the home country where Kharafi was first established mainly as a trading company more than 100 years ago and has since developed into an International Grade “A” contractor, at the front rank of companies in the Middle East with an annual turnover in excess of US$2.6 billion. .

The management and marketing skills that helped build our diverse activities, also extended to develop Al Kharafi Swimming Pools. We are the sole active agents for world famous Desjoyaux Pools (France) in the U.A.E next to other countries in the region including Kuwait, Lebanon and Egypt for over ten years.

“Les Piscine Jean Desjoyaux” is the world leader in swimming pool manufacturing ,  producing and selling 40,000 pools a year, to more than 80 different countries through it’s exclusive 400 showrooms. Desjoyaux Pools, also is the first listed pool company in the stock market in Paris - France.
And in addition to our commitment for our customers we brought from Canada the top and high quality

Beachcomber Hot tub.
Offering 30 years of experience and passion of delivering the best to the client Beachcomber Hot tub is nothing different from the standards of Canadian products.
Hoping with this combination to remain always devoted to our message.
Al Kharafi a name you can rely on.